Work Cell Types

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CubeSpawn work Cells have 3 basic configurations:

Blind Work-Cell

This is the first type of cell being built, it consists of the four subsystems shown on the Home Page. A Chassis/CubeFrame, an Electrical Module, a Mechanical Module and some type of machine.

Work is loaded through the same side of the cube that the modules insert into.

Pass Through Work-Cell

Mechanically,  the frame for this machine is the same as the blind cell machine, however the side panels are open to allow long pieces of material to pass through the cell, this allows the system to make parts that are longer than the work envelope in one axis, permitting the system to make long members for truss structures as well as all the machine parts for the system, all of which are designed to fit the machines work envelope constraints in at least two axis

Work Handling Cells

These are open conveyor cells that serve 4 primary purposes:

  1. To bring and remove work pallets to blind cell configurations
  2. To install, remove and rel-locate electrical and mechanical modules in both blind cells and pass through cells
  3. To locate robotic assets to perform maintenance and configuration operations on empty cells.
  4. To haul modules to test and maintenance facilities, or to hand-off locations for same.