Conveyor design for pallet mover

A vision of local manufacturing transforming trash to treasure, with local power,  sounds all futuristic and idyllic, but how can this be accomplished?

Open Source, to incentivize people to participate for their own benefit,

As an example: writing your own comprehensive, full featured Operating System would be pretty daunting, but adding a utility to a Linux distro is more on a human scale.

Manufacturing is almost unimaginably HUGE!. Building an entire system to handle any specialized branch is a daunting task for a large company. The whole thing? beyond the reach of any company or government. Whole industries involving dozens to hundreds of companies are required to handle the staggering quantity of details it takes accomplish this.

But an open source project, that involves the spare capacity of thousands of makers and hackers could boost it just as Linux “opened” the Unix world to wider usage, while this will take time, it may take less than you might imagine, as technicians and hobbyists bring their daytime job experience to solving these problems for themselves and a community of likeminded members, what’s lacking is a common framework for automation, a physical OS to bring all these efforts to the same table.

So that, then, is the goal, to build a framework to plug machines in, bring them under a common control architecture, create a mechanical, digital, electric, logistic, fixturing and assembly solution that is good enough to bootstrap the first generation of machines at an affordable scale. Individuals will have to do this, corporations lack the incentive to build machines small and cheap enough to satisfy the requirements of individuals, to justify their costs they MUST build machines that are too expensive, designed for a market a few steps up from and individuals needs. but CubeSpawn is designed for the individual and is meant to be changed and improved.

This is no pipe dream, a lot of the work for the first stage is done, or nearing completion:

3D printer Module loading from transporter to Work Cell
Near Finished Work Cell










By splitting the electromechanical features of the machines into a separate electrical/electronic module most cartesian machines can use a nearly identical control setup. At the same time, a custom module could be built for any specialized application, so this presents no limitation.