Demo System Overview

The Demo System is the initial foray into a functional “system” of machines, will consist of two broad classes of items:

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The Hardware:

(Click images for larger)


The system is composed of 4 full CubeFrames (as shown here: Model, Photo)


4 Pallet Loader Cells (Model, Photo)


2 Custom Pallet Mover cells (Load/Unload) – not shown as they are functionally identical to regular Pallet Movers, but opened up for easier access (see image at top)

in the 4 CubeFrames will be 4 Electrical Modules,


and 4 Mechanical Modules


assembled as shown here (Model/Photo)



The Software:

The Control system is composed of 4 open source packages, integrated to provide all the functions for a hybrid CNC/Robotic work cell array

ROS/ROS Industrial (The Robot Operating System)

Machinekit a CNC control package for the new embedded controllers (Beagle Bone/Raspberry Pi) although it is not limited to these boards

MTConnect An open Communication protocol for machine tools and industrial equipment

STEP NC a machine tool control language that incorporates part models and many advanced capabilities.

These elements will be brought together in an architecture similar to the following diagram:

Simple System Diagram

This provides all the needed communications to both poll the status of any machine, or command it, but is open and asynchronous allowing substantial scaling, dynamic reconfiguration, parallel load balancing and optimization to occur as emergent qualities. By using ROS, a real time digital model can be used to monitor the systems physical and operational status through its simulation Module RViz