CubeSpawn Big Vision

CubeSpawn is initially a machine building project

However there is a much broader overall vision as to why these machines, in this form, are needed:  Here is the draft whitepaper,  although this leaves out most of the “next steps” of the intended application:

Building sustainable communities with bootstrapped, locally powered mini factories.

First off, these machines are a real thing, not some speculative abstract ideaThey are not entirely complete either, but rather a Work In Progress…

Second, we are working on some additional steps before this first (very large) step is complete, due to several parties working on different aspects of the larger project

So, here is a 6000 sq ft basement for the 3000 sq ft greenhouse,

This will house 150,000 gallons of rainwater storage that will be part of a ground contact/soil mass climate control system, one half of the huge basement will hold the water tanks, the other half will be split between a fish farm and a mushroom farm, and of course the aquaponics greenhouse will set on top of it all…Here is the greenhouse while it was being carefully torn down.

Once the floor is poured on the basement above, this structure will be “re-erected” and have considerable systems and physical automation added to it.

This IS the definition of an RBE community from the ground up, and the seeds of a “circular economy” community, self reliant in energy, food production, with surplus power generation to support electric transportation, alternative power systems designs to retain flexibility in the face of changing resource availability and so on down the checklist of resiliency features. Surplus power can also be used to capture CO2, some of which could be used for enhancing plant growth, small amounts of synthetic fuel (diesel, kerosene) could be generated from the captured carbon, or it could be stabilized and stored.

Other resources the project has include: large propane generators, 200+ large solar panels, a substantial number of grow lights (100+) not all of these resources can be produced on the initial set of machines, so the challenge is to create designs for systems that can serve equivalent purposes that CAN be made on the original machines or their descendants.

[Take a look at our Alterative Power page]

So: power generation, recycled materials, and fabrication means we should be able to design and build all the automation for the greenhouse on site mostly out of repurposed materials and all the spare parts are then available even in the absence of an external supply chain.

Duplicate this widely, and dedicate a portion of the surplus power to carbon capture, and this makes for dozens to hundreds of self sufficient, consolidation resistant, carbon negative, cashflow positive (still gotta pay taxes, for now) intentional communities at neighborhood, or village scale.
Thats the “Big idea” plan and purpose for our efforts 😉

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