About the Project

Each machine will be built into a standard module at one of four sizes: 300mm (about 1 foot) 600mm, 1.2 meter and 2.4 meter.

The small sizes will focus on capability and affordability, the trade-off being a smaller build envelope.

The machines in the 600mm range are comparable in size to the existing maker/hacker built CNC’s (RepRap ShapeOko, Ultimaker) and other desktop 3D printers, but our team plan to eventually offer higher end servo drives and advanced motion control, to allow higher performance designs in addition to stepper based models.

Larger machines will have professional capabilities, but at costs comparable to commercial machines. (size DOES cost!)

This lets anyone choose a machine that matches their needs and application in a continuum from inexpensive to high performance, and as much as possible, to upgrade their machines in-place, adding capabilities to an existing system rather than replacing the machines outright.

Much of the funding is expected to come from sales of kits. To keep the kits affordable, where appropriate, many of the components will be re-purposed and recycled from industry.