Welcome to the CubeSpawn Project


***NEW*** Added the “Alternative Power” description page  11-10-2018

***NEW*** Added the “Big Vision” description page  10-10-2018

The CubeSpawn Project is the first stage of a long term attempt at creating the tools for people to begin a practical, “grass roots” approach to building a Circular Economy through Hyper-localization:

i.e. manufacturing a significant portion of goods, tools, and products locally, and using, to the degree possible, locally generated power, and locally recycled materials.

Hyper-localization is a goal, this first step is toward that goal, but is not the complete solution in itself.

Localization does address a lengthy list of issues,

such as:

  • Shortening the supply chain, thereby and reducing long distance freight. (and its pollution)
  • Generating power on-site, and organically creating a resilient grid.
  • By providing incentives to as near total recycling as possible. (Trash becomes too valuable to bury or litter.)
  • By reducing the cost of goods to: Engineering, Materials and Power (and with recycled materials, and local power, these cost can be very low, individuals and communities creating their own solutions can make engineering a distributed effort as well).
  • Can be a low money/no money solution, (scavenged materials, cooperative efforts, shared resources) the prototypes are being built with money-less partnerships, so this model CAN work.

Once local manufacturing is established (in one to many places) then additional resources can be added, either with local ingenuity, or by downloading the solutions to common problems created elsewhere in the network. By making locally, but designing globally, relevant solutions can be distributed electronically, once again lowering the cost, potentially to zero, as problems are solved with an open source mindset.

The first stage is to get a set of machines built to partially meet the goal of duplicating  themselves, a large part of the system can then be made from local materials. No part of the existing solution is considered final or complete, since collective refinement will create much better solutions over time.

These initial machines however are being designed and built to prove out preliminary designs and to bootstrap the system to a basic set of resources.

This photo attempts to illustrate the basic parts of the prototype system.


The following 5 kits make up the main system: (updated 8/31/2018)

1.) the Enclosure  (CubeFrame) – Assembly Instructions + BackPlane Assembly Instructions

2.) the Mechanical Module – Assembly Instructions -WIP not yet ready

3.) the Electrical Module – Assembly Instructions

4.) The Machine – Machine page

5.) the Pallet Mover – Assembly Instructions

These modules make up a single machine. 8 machines are being built for a demonstration array.  the first 4 are a Milling Machine, A Lathe, A 3D Printer, and a 4 arm Delta Robot, a second set of machines will handle long material, allowing the system to bootstrap most of its own basic parts. The central aisle is composed of synchronized conveyors, for Module loading and work piece transport.