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CubeSpawn-Logo-nolettering   CubeSpawn is an Open Source project to build a small, affordable, bench-top scale manufacturing system out of modular parts.

An additionally  goal is to completely automate the production of objects from digital templates.

“Recursion” is also a goal, that is: making many of the systems components on the system itself!

Starting with a basic set of machines, it should be possible to substantially duplicate the system, allowing anyone to make new machines, upgrades, or spares for the machines they have.

Think of it as a 21st century version of Star Trek’s matter replicator. Except, of course, matter replication is not yet available, so maybe its a “matter pattern-er”

Using a combination of conventional machining, lathe turning, 3D printing and other techniques, it should be possible to create complex objects, parts and assemblies, Even without meeting the above goals completely.

Conceptual Render
Conceptual Render of 3 machine cells with 3 “Pallet Movers” to move work between cells
Prototype Photo
Early Prototype, based on the conceptual drawing.

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Q: Just what do you mean by “Modular parts”

A: Modular Parts Page